About Us

Welcome to Hoodiewood™, the intersection where the urban pulse of streetwear seamlessly intertwines with the rich tapestry of African American pride, black history, Southern California vibes, and the effervescent spirit of pop culture.

Founded in 2024 by siblings who are lifelong residents of View Park-Windsor Hills, California, Hoodiewood™ is more than a clothing brand; it's a dynamic celebration of black culture and the diverse influences shaping Southern California, all expressed through our graphic sweatshirts and t-shirts.

Our designs intricately weave the threads of history, unity, and empowerment, paying homage to the vibrant heritage of African Americans while capturing the unique vibes of neighborhoods from Los Angeles to other cities in the region.

At Hoodiewood™, fashion isn't just about clothing; it's about adorning yourself in a narrative that resonates with the rhythm of the city, the sun-soaked landscapes of Southern California, and the ever-evolving trends of pop culture.

Quality is our commitment. Recognizing that comfort is key, we exclusively use the coziest, highest-quality fabrics.

Our sweatshirts and t-shirts aren't just garments; they are enduring symbols of style and resilience, crafted to withstand the passage of time.

Choosing Hoodiewood™ means joining a community that shares a profound love for urban streetwear, a deep appreciation for black history, a connection to the unique vibes of Southern California's diverse cities, and a nod to the ever-changing landscape of pop culture.

We are dedicated to fostering belonging and empowerment, creating a space where every individual feels seen, heard, and celebrated.

Thank you for embracing Hoodiewood™. Together, let's wear our pride, tell our stories, and inspire the world.

Welcome to the crossroads of urban style, black heritage, Southern California vibes, and the dynamic world of pop culture at Hoodiewood™.